Products & Services

1) Fundoodaa Books:

FunDooDaa Books, the first heritage based, multi-lingual, nextgen language learning through stories, app for kids between 2 years - 8 years, brings to life a library of children's stories on iPads, iPhones and Android devices.
Fundoodaa Books delivers a highly enriching research based literacy support programme for children.
It introduces children to the wonderful culture, the great epics, the varied folktales and the rich heritage of India. Fundoodaa Books takes kids on an exploratory journey where they can learn values, understand emotions and build their reading skills.
This unique interactive digital library consists of books from leading Indian Kids Publishers. The books have been chosen with the same love and affection as educators and parents choose books for children.
FunDooDaa Books also helps the child connect to our Indian culture through stories in their mother tongue. Brilliant illustrations in various Indian art & folk art styles, read along highlighted text with interactive animations makes for an enhanced reading and learning experience for kids.

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2) Fundoodaa TV - The Smart Channel for Kids

Fundoodaa TV - Fun Things to Do & Fundaas to Learn, is our smart interactive television channel for kids in the age group of 4 - 11 years. The User Interface of the product is planned in such way that the kids feel at ease to use it and are happy to experience it. It combines the best of video magic with interactivity to engage and entertain kids while enhancing their knowledge.
Fundoodaa powers the iKidsworld Interactive Television Service for children on Airtel Digital TV, a leading Digital Satellite Television platform in India. This service offers children a whole range video content and activities like stories, hobbies, rhymes, math puzzles, science facts, quizzes and more.

3) Fundoodaa Hobbies TV for Kids - YouTube Channel

Will millions of views and thousands of subscribers, Fundoodaa TV channel for kids focuses on providing whole range of hobby activities. A lot to learn and do it yourself videos like craft, dance, cooking, yoga, magic. All new Hobby Hub for kids to help them expand their creativity, learning and imagination through video lessons. Parents do not have to worry about inappropriate imagery, content or language.

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4) Applications for Digital Devices

Chie Media creates and develops stand alone applications for digital devices. We also specialize in porting mobile games, flash games etc on various digital set-top-boxes.

5) Short Format video content for digital device

Chie Media has produced unique video content for kids. View the catalogue and contact us for details on licensing these videos.